1. Read this user review from TripAdvisor titled “Informality with professionalism”* from November 6, 2010:

"A friendly place like no other revolving round the exceptional qualities of the owner (David). There is a pleasant and light communal space which encourages interaction between the guests. Everyone, including David, has breakfast together so the conversation flows. David goes far beyond the expected to help. We had a blown tyre on our hire car. David went with us to the tyre repair place and dealt with it for us and phoned the car hire place for us. An Australian lady was at the hotel and her internet didn't work as the system in Australia is different. David went to the shop with her and on his own to sort out the problem. He must have spent several hours dealing with it and even paid money out upfront so that he could come up with a solution - which wasn't easy to find! I have never heard of a hotelier who would put themselves out so much for guests. We went on his Etna trip which was a highlight of our holiday. He offers snorkelling trips etc and on another trip I would love to do this, as David is a natural communicator and I am sure it would be special experience."

What qualities make David an excellent professional? What social, communication and problem solving skills does he exhibit according to this review? What would you have done in similar situations?


2. Which three skills described in this module do you want to improve first in your contact with guests? How do you think that this will improve the quality of your services?