Hospitality and service culture 

Your business success depends on the quality of service that you provide. Service can be defined as processing and completing the tasks, such as checking in guests, serving a meal or cleaning a room. Hospitality is a little more than a service. The essence of hospitality is a warm, friendly and welcoming reception and treatment of guests. It is about making guests feel appreciated regardless of their cultural, religious, ethnic or racial characteristics.

This implies:

  • kindness and courtesy
  • openness
  • comfort
  • safety

Put simply, hospitality is about taking honest care of your guests to satisfy their needs and fulfill their expectations.


Ultimately, to run a successful private accommodation, hospitality is of key importance. Your guests will continually assess your service – from the moment they make the reservation, walk to the reception, sit for a meal, ask for information, seek assistance to leave your premise. Each time they will have some expectations and they will judge the actual service in relation to what they have expected.

A good service is when your guests’ expectations are met, an excellent when they are exceeded. Good customer service is about sending your customers away happy - happy enough to give positive feedback to others.

Positive feedback can spread quickly but negative feedback will spread even faster; so make sure that you don't give bad customer service, otherwise your business may take the hit.

A short video on 15 steps to great customer service (in English):

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