Application activity 1- Resolving an ethical dilemma

George is managing a small hotel. He is nervous because an important client, Mr. Adams from GoAdventure travel agency, is waiting George to go over the charges that were incurred for a group of cyclists, together with rooms, a welcome cocktail party and a farewell dinner. Mr. Adams wants to settle the account, but George has not organized bills and charges in a way to present them to Mr. Adams. George plans to blame the computer system fall out and calls Katerina, a new receptionist, to accompany him to the meeting to back him up. She is keen on keeping her job, but feels uncomfortable lying.

If you were Katerina, what would you do? Which of the 10 ethical principles is being violated? How can Katerina avoid this ethical dilemma and still keep her job?


Application activity 2- Self-evaluation

After having read this information, how would you evaluate your professionalism? Consider the following:
- Comments by guests
- Behavior of your staff
- Appearance of staff and yourself
- Concern and respect
- Commitment to excellency
- Honesty and integrity
- Updated knowledge

Now try to ask some guests before they leave (perhaps using an evaluation form). Do they think the same of you?