Suzanne’s bed and breakfast is in an old, refurbished traditional Bavarian farmhouse near the centre of Füssen, in Bavaria, close to Austrian border. Suzanne uses solar power and cord wood for hot water and heating as well as photovoltaic panels for producing electricity: her contribution to saving the planet. High quality local products are sourced from smaller firms close to the pension or from eco-farms. It is certified by EU Ecolabel. In an interview conducted with the owner in 2016 by the Institute for Tourism, the owner explained that the Eco-label certificate was for, both, intrinsic reasons and for the marketing purposes.

They were always keen on energy conservation and supporting local suppliers. Opting out of the local tourism board certification scheme based on star system (realizing that they would only get 2 stars since the house’s layout does not permit infrastructural improvements for more stars), they decided to go after the European Eco-label certification, as a testimony of their ecological orientation and focus on quality service. The process of the European eco-label certification has made them aware of the contribution that they make to environmental sustainability and they have, consequently, opted to stress out those things in their promotion.

The main promotional tool that they rely on is their webpage. In the redesigned web-page they have spelled out what they do to safeguard the environment and the ethical side of their business. It is their impression that this has made huge differences to their business, which was sliding from a week to one-night transit stay. With the redesigned web-page there was a change in visitor structure, attracting again families staying for a couple of days up to two weeks. As nothing else has changed significantly, the owner attributes this change in demand to the EU Ecolabel certification and the certification inspired redesigned home page.

You are encouraged to visit the Suzanne’s Bed and Breakfast website and study:
a) How the owner has used her sustainability practice to promote her business
b) How the style of the house, garden and interior design are blended in a unified whole and translated into visuals and website design!

Then think:

How does this example inspire you to improve your accommodation design, website etc?

What would be the most feasible?