Private accommodation is increasingly in demand and competition is growing.

After taking care and improving service quality (Module 1), getting the basics of planning (Module 2) and daily operations (Module 3), designing or face-lifting your property (Module 4), improving your products (Module 5), it is time to make sure that your potential customers get to know about you and come to stay at your place. Therefore, after the end of this module you will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of marketing and branding
  • Grasp the importance and make good use of social media and the internet
  • Apply methods and tools to support the ‘customer’ with a professional attitude which promotes your business as an experience rather than merely a touristic service
  • Understand and use various tools and techniques for effective selling
  • Turn your guests into loyal followers and advocates of your services

This module is divided into 4 subunits:

  1. Marketing and branding

  2. Offline presence and promotion

  3. Online presence and promotion

  4. Selling effectively